Perkembangan IT di Indonesia

Today the role of IT in human life is more important. Because along with the development of the IT people did a lot of work in front of computers and using mobile phones for communication. But it must also be balanced with awareness to use IT for the benefit of a positive. Hence not a few IT experts who use it for evil. So it appears logical development of IT in developed enough, but yet in many ways. And the need for supervision of the authorities so that the negative impact of IT can be reduced. Some examples of these stories is expected to open the eyes of the reader as well.

If you go to the train station in Jakarta and Bandung or you want to buy a train ticket, then you have to queue at the ticket window is already computerized train. One time sale rail system is not functioning so the tickets are sold without a seat number. Can you imagine that happening in the train, chaos. The problem is there is already a reservation ahead of time and got a seat, while there is buy a ticket without a seat (because the computer is damaged). Information about seat numbers are not accessible by ticket sellers, resulting in chaos.

To see how proprietary information is an important thing can also be seen in the case of economic and political progress at this time. Anyone who has information will be hunted down and hold (good or bad?). For the media that previous information and publishing it would gain from the sale-selling newspaper, magazine or tabloid. Even in the streets there are people who sell fotocopyan of news in newspapers, magazines, or tabloids.

And what role student / student to the development of IT in Indonesia?
and how prevention of negative things of IT development?

“It would be quite rapid changes in trends and developments in information technology (information technology) in 2010, particularly in the fields of multimedia and gaming that I wrestled. For each prediction list field as described below.


Social Gaming
Impact of Facebook’s growing development in 2010 will be better displayed through the growing social games like Farmville players and Playfish is allegedly already exceeded the growth of Twitter though. This development was triggered by the emergence of the increasingly popular use of micropayment and developing such models online flash games.


Body Motion Sensor

Now play the game will be more fun because it would appear controller which utilizes the movement of the body as the body, hands and feet. Microsoft has a Christmas project while Playstation Motion Controller also has the same function. While the PC is already available in some software that utilizes motion sensor body with a webcam.


Augmented Reality

Game development model that combines augmented reality and virtual world games in one simulation, it would be more popular due to the availability of several new platforms such as Iphone that supports Augmented Reality applications. During the AR only popular in desktop PC but is now starting to break into the mobile gadget.


Internet TV
These developments will begin to bloom in the country in 2010 but still has a high cost constraints for general use. However the trend of internet TV will jump dramatically in 2010 due to the completion of Telkom infrastructure currently under construction. The problem is the content still has to compete with social networks like Facebook are pretty take on high bandwidth traffic.


Mobile Payments
In line with the rise of Facebook in mobile gadgets will trigger the use of mobile payment in HP. T-Cash payment model into an example of the trend that started in 2009. In 2010 will come the new players in the field of mobile payments online.


Online Application
Outdated use Office with Desktop PC and should be tied to a specific location. In 2010, the use of web-based applications with Office Apps will flare models due to increase available bandwidth. In the year 2009 are still some countries that use it to the maximum, slowly this trend will begin to increase rapidly in Asia and Indonesia. An example is the Zoho applications.


Cloud Computing
Along with the online application requirements, the cloud computing system will be expanded further in 2010. Not just a provider of email and file storage in large volume, but has begun to provide service in the form of both applications and individual enterprise level.

IT developments are rapid enough to be balanced with kesdaran to use IT for good, for something positive. So in accordance with the IT function as a communication tool as well as human aids in doing the work and obtain information and communicate.

Sumber : Google


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